I made my first sugar scrubs the other day and discovered decadence like nothing else. Sugar scrubs are a great, and relatively quick, way to renew and exfoliate your skin. They are especially recommended in winter months, when skin can get dry and flaky. The best part is you can easily make your own at home with all natural products so you never have to worry about what is going on your skin, and often with ingredients already in your pantry. As a treat, add some essential oils to immerse yourself in some instant aromatherapy as well as receive all their benefits. The recipe possibilities are endless.

They are easy to use, just scoop some into your hand while in the shower, or for more decadence, in a bath; apply widely on skin (you can either concentrate on ‘problem areas’ like knees and elbows or just go all over) and rub (with hands, pouf, or sponge) in circular motions to exfoliate. You can either wash off with soap (if the scrub was particularly oily) or rinse off with warm water. For some extra moisturizing and refreshment, some folks like to scrub in and let sit for a while before washing off- especially for mint or coffee laced scrubs. That’s it!

You can make scrubs an everyday routine, or one that is just to treat yourself. Personally I like reaching for my scrubs every other day. My favorite part, other than how smooth my skin feels and looks afterwards, is getting the luxurious bath feeling in the shower without the full soak in the bath.

For my sugar scrubs, the basic ingredients are:
1) Sugar (brown and/or white)
2) Moisturizing Oil (like sweet almond oil or coconut oil or even vegetable glycerin)
3) Essential Oil (choose your essential oil or blend depending on the mood you want to evoke, ex. citrus and minty oils for refreshment or exhilaration)

BONUS: Honey or Molasses (so good for you, smells like heaven, and lasts virtually forever)
BONUS: Fruit (use the scrubs you make with fruit as soon as possible, and refrigerate in the interim)
BONUS: Powdered Chocolate or Cinnamon or Nutmeg (because, why not?)
BONUS: Vitamin E Oil (super moisturizing)

Store in a reusable airtight container (mason jars and clamp lid jars are my favorite).

Try it out and enjoy!

Remember to mind your balance as the moisturizing oil in sugar scrubs can make your tub slick.!

Are you a scrub fanatic like I am? What are your favorite sugar scrub recipes?