img src: Demeester @ Wikimedia
img src: Demeester @ Wikimedia

Is a space you’re often in (office, workroom, bedroom, bathroom, etc) feeling stuffy, chaotic, or draining?

I don’t mind a little chaos, but given enough time, it’s usually a signal that not only have I been letting things go, I also need to do some physical and metaphysical cleaning and clearing. I also find certain acts of cleaning particularly rewarding: I know that cleaning my bathtub means I get to take a bath sooner, alphabetizing my bookshelf makes me feel organized; changing my sheets is sometimes all I can do but sleep always comes easier; sweeping floors puts me in a meditative state and circulates mine and the room’s energy.

Good for when you’re doing some cleaning and clearing, material or metaphysical. This blend is composed of oils that work to clarify a space, moving out negative energy, protecting what’s left. It’s also meant to inspire and sustain the dynamic of a space, during and after the cleaning, useful as stagnancy easily breeds negativity. In fact the best way to clear a space of malcontent is to shake it up, even if it’s as little a movement as lifting objects in a room to dust beneath and around them.

This is also a good oil blend to diffuse in a space after saging/smudging. Carry in an oil of your choice (olive, jojoba etc) if you’d like to use it on your body not just your space.

Do not use a carrier oil in diffusers unless manufacture’s manual says it’s alright;
Do not use on body, internal or external, without a carrier oil.

Sweeping Out Essential Oil Blend, inspired by Oya’s sweeping energy:

  • Basil – cleansing; protective
  • Clary Sage – protective; clearing; cleansing;
  • Cypress – releasing
  • Frankincense – purifying; protective
  • Ginger – energizing; healing
  • Lavender – clearing; calming; healing
  • Lemongrass* – energizing; purifying; cleansing
  • Rosemary – protective; calming
  • Patchouli – highly medicinal; uplifting
  • Tea Tree – clearing; protective

*substitute with lemon if unavailable (remember lemon is more corrosive and has a stronger scent for most folks)
**add ylang-ylang if you have it and would like a sweeter scent (rose is great too but much more expensive!)
***carry in jojoba (or other carrier oil of your choice) if using on body