fafHave you made yourself a sweet bath lately? Ever?

Connect with earth, connect with the divine, connect with ancestors, connect with love and treat yourself to some sweetness. Baths work differently across spiritual practices, but I instinctively know that all paths allow for a sweet bath in some way. There’s an energy that you can reach to, pray to, speak to that brings connection to earth, spirit, and yourself and brings goodness, love, light, joy, and pleasure.

Trust your instinct, trust your connection. Chances are, all you need for your sweet bath is already in your space. The quantity of things you put in isn’t as important as what intentions you put in.

Grab some sweet herbs and flowers and honey, meditate and pray as you create, pour over yourself and appreciate all that comes forth in the meditation.

Light a candle, meditate on sweetness, and pour over yourself in the bath or shower.


Don’t know where to start? Some basic ideas for ingredients: honey, flower petals/buds (roses or lavender are popular), brown sugar, any sweet herbs you have in the house, any sweet smelling essential oils. No limits, enjoy yourself!