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I selected this particular spread because a seven card spread seemed apt for a moon draw with Yemaya in mind. Also it just felt right.

DECK: Herbal Tarot

wpid-20150616_223816.jpgIn the future though, I believe I would modify it slightly, by moving the spread around so the energy I need to move in goes in the middle… or maybe eliminate a middle altogether, I don’t know yet.

1. Where you stand: FIVE OF PENTACLES (Mugwort): Misfortune, a setback that releases for new possibility. Also a reminder to accept comfort and kindness that I am ignoring.

2. Something to leave behind: XIII DEATH (Elder Flowers): Clearing the past, leave behind old ways of being and things that no longer serve me. It’s time to accept what is ended and start a new beginning.

3. Something to receive: 0 THE FOOL: (Ginseng): Freedom to roam and enjoy. Leap forward, take risks, release yourself, don’t worry so much about the plan you had in mind. Move in freedom and abandon.

4. Something learned in past cycle: NINE OF CUPS (Squawvine) (REVERSE): Remember to be secure in what you have accomplished because it’s TRUE.

5. Something to give: SIX OF CUPS (Watermelon): Be kind, be generous, be loving, be forgiving, be accepting of others. Also remember to receive from others and not focus to closely on self for too long.

6. Your hopes and dreams: KNIGHT OF SWORDS (Wild Cherry Bark) (REVERSE): Do not be unyielding with the future, things rarely go exactly how you want them and never in as straight of a line as you would prefer. Now is the time to be easy, and flow to your future not march towards it.

7. Your needed energy to move forward in to bring about necessary shift: PAGE OF PENTACLES (Blue Flag): Remember to enjoy yourself, indulge yourself, live freely. Let what you produce in the world have this effect on others as well. In this way you’ll find the next step in your journey.

wpid-wp-1434516364635.jpgBONUS: Jumper Card: SEVEN OF WANDS (Wild Ginger) (REVERSED): By the way, are any of the wars, big or little, really worth it in your life. Take a moment step back. You have powerful energy but it is wasted on such things. Instead immerse yourself in light and peaceful undertakings, especially with self. Constant warring, treading water, inner battle will do nothing but exhaust and lives you standing still.