You’re eventually gonna to have to wipe down a surface in your home- floors, tables, shelves, ceiling fans, etc- so why not cleanse as you clean? Clean as you cleanse? I’ve talked about sweeping as an energy clearer before, but here’s one I’ve fallen deeply in love with.

All you need is:
– Spray Bottle
– Sprig of your choice of herb/Essential Oil/Small crystal (or any combination of these 3)
– Water

Put some water in your spray bottle, add your herb/essential oil/crystal (charged with intention), and get to cleaning and cleansing!

Personally, I like to combine all three:- I use a sprig of rosemary, a couple of drops of lavender and sage oil, and a small piece of rose quartz. The best thing is, a good spray bottle with mist action will last quite a bit and I can continue to reach for it whenever I have to wipe something down. Even better, with a mist action spray bottle, I don’t even have to be wiping anything down. I can literally spray down anything, couches, floors, blankets, beds, pillows which not only gets the energy I was going for moving through the room, but also leaves that beautiful scent everywhere (goodbye Febreze!). Changes the feel of the entire room, it’s glorious! Also great for clearing the air before a reading, meditation, etc.

NOTE: Do not use soluble crystals, like selenite; or toxic ones that may leech chemicals out into the water (and definitely don’t ingest this!). Quartz family crystals are usually recommended, but again, have a care for your health and look the crystal you want to use up. Research and use your good judgement, please. Same warning goes for herbs and essential oils (for example, don’t use anything your allergic to, for goodness sake!).