1. What kind of energy should I pay close attention to as I move through this moon cycle?
WHEEL OF FORTUNE (LAKSHMI) – the wheel spins and where will it stop? It’s an opening of paths, but it’s also a warning that life may be a bit unpredictable right now. Perspective is a requirement for this experience.

2/3. What informs these energies?
left – FOUR OF EARTH (BOUNDARIES) [reversed] – this effin’ deck. The astrological indication for this card according to the deck’s LWB is ‘Sun in Capricorn’. Now it shows up reversed. Haha, deck. Haha. A reminder to be aware of when I’m closing my space to truly protect myself vs. when I close my space and retreat into loneliness.

right – TWO OF EARTH (CYCLES) – regeneration, renewal, getting into that moon energy. Also remembering to not spend so much time on either plane, as above so below. Elevation and grounding in equal measure.

Not as an exhausting of a spread to explore as the last ones have been. I appreciate it letting up a bit.