1. Checking in w/ My Root

Continuing the work of re-balancing at my sacral space.

1. How do I process what I feel?
2. How should I process what I feel?

I’ve been known to hold a lot in this space, so this should be interesting. I’m using The Wooden Tarot as it revealed itself as one I should whip out for internal work. It’s only right that when checking in with my creative center I should use a deck as wily as this one.

wpid-20150629_063105-1.jpg1. How do I process what I feel?
TEN OF BONES reversed (PENTACLES) – well, should have seen this coming. I hold my ancestral trauma and any and all family bullshit here, apparently that hasn’t changed much. Ongoing work of clearing that out continues, I guess.

2. How should I process what I feel?
THE EMPRESS reversed – well this is interesting. I need to spend some more time with the card in the shadow position, but for now I do read it as a reminder to be faithful to my creative outlets, particularly my earth based work. Again, my connection to other people is rearing its head, suggesting I feel muffled or am muffling myself. Or perhaps a call to do some self-mothering for myself, remember to nourish this space.

Yikes, this was rough. Have a cat trying to receive a reading.