I’m in Cali, doing some deep internal work. Pulled a spread to be aware of what I’m into for this experience.


1. What am I here for in this moment?
Ace of Fire  – Illumination: in this particular moment, for this journey I am in search of my fire, my wisdom, myself really. The figure in this image is lot from within and lighting outward into the world. Her eyes are far off, always seeking, but her truth is such that the search always leads back to herself where the truth always had been.

2. What are my challenges?
The Chariot – Athena: A balance of control. Athena as goddess of war and wisdom, holds both in balance. Unnecessary hostility, competition, etc has served me very little and lost me my insight. However, on the other hand, wisdom does not necessarily mean an inability to defend yourself. Be aware of myself in order to manifest boundaries as necessary but dismiss the unnecessary wars in my life, internal and external.

3. How to address those challenges?
Five of Earth – Manipulation: This was a bit difficult to parse, but the more I thought about it the more it came to me that self doubt is its own kind of manipulation – one manifested by both self and others. An inability to see ones own truth can impact how easily we are led to feel less than.

4. Clarification of card #3
Mother of Seas – Perception: I asked for clarification and it was basically this. Wise Mother Yemaya looks into her shell and sees the truth of self and others. Her perception is one of clarity and knowledge. And she likes what she sees! Do I? My reflection will never show true by other people’s measures and mirrors. It’s about time to look at myself and see me as I am, and smile with love and forgiveness as I begin to overcome the shade of others misconceptions of me. Only I can truly conceive of my highest good.

Giving thanks to the mothers, Orisha and ancestral for such an informed reading.