I’ve always been curious about multi-deck spreads. Only way to form an opinion on them was to try it. My instinct was to keep it simple, three card draw, one from each deck. It turned out beautifully, actually.

(from L to R: Wooden Tarot, Herbal Tarot, Mythical Goddess Tarot)

GOD OF BLOOMS: It’s time to accept love and all its potential for transformation. This means developing an intuition for it, for looking for all that is sweet instead of using intuition to just defend. It’s the moment to be open, at the very least re-learn how to be open. A new opportunity for the heart and spirit to grow.

TWO OF CUPS: After all of that, comes the scariest part: opening up to a love connection. This does not mean romantic, but it doesn’t rule it out. Love connection to others, to an idea, to work, to an opportunity, to myself.

FIVE OF WIND (FEAR): This is what crosses me. It’s the blockage caused by fear, caused by doubt, that keeps me from fully diving into these new connections.

What a beautiful message from Oshun. Opening up heart space can be the hardest thing to do. Often, our mind space is our defense against violations of that space, but sometimes our minds go overboard, and we forget the way back to openness, to healing, and to vulnerability. We forget all the things that make life sweet and worth living. Fear of sustaining that openness in a world that makes violation look inevitable is valid, but there may be light on the other side that can fill us up. That chance is worth taking.