Going deeper into my craft means I gotta know what I’m working with. Thankfully, littleredtarot (which is becoming a destination blog for me right now) had a spread to ask myself and my deck just those questions.

wpid-20150726_000841-1-1-1.jpg1. About you in general: what is your most important characteristic?
5 of Wind – this is a card that loves to follow me around. It also tells me there’s a lesson to learn from fear, or rather working through it. Greatest blessing and curse, absolutely. Fear is an absence of love in some form or another, so my best bet is to concentrate on that- if I’m feeling uncomfortable, lean into it and find what is at that core. Insecurity, learn to love myself through to the other side and see my strengths for what they are and the weaknesses as opportunities for lessons.

2. What strengths do you already have as a reader?
5 of Seas – lots of fives. I also often read the swords suit as the antithesis of the cups suits- at least for me my heart space is often blocked by my mind space. So that these come together is par for the course for me. An ability to work through and release that fear is helpful to me at this stage of my tarot reading. Healing and release open me up to see clearly and be free of illusions and negativity.

3. What limits do you feel as a reader?
Death – being on to the next one…getting locked and not being able to go to the next stage. Giving into fear is my weakness. Brave the world with confidence.


4. What key lesson can you learn on your developmental journey?
9 of Earth – research, connection, practice, other practitioners. The community I build will be key to my development. Moreover, using tarot within my community connects to my identity as an earthworker and community healer.

5. How can you be open to learning and developing on this journey?
Ace of Fire – New sight, new vision, and new wisdom.

6. What is the potential outcome of this journey?
4 of Water – Beautiful, an owning of my own power and fulfillment of my goals as a reader and healer.