I’m using this spread to explore the circumstances of my community healing work. I’m in a transitional space with it and I’m looking to push a bit harder. Felt called to look deeper into where I’m going, or rather where I might need to go.


1. The Whole – Who are you in this situation?
THE HEALER – I used the Blank Angel oracle deck for this first position. When I say this deck is in tune, I absolutely mean it. With a full shuffle and cut, I still pulled The Healer for my card.

Looking at the overview of the cardinal points on this spread, I can already tell there’s something up. On one hand, it’s great to see all four suits of the tarot represented, on the other hand they are entirely in the opposite space from where they should be. For example, looking at the mental and material positions, I have bones (pentacles) and plumes (swords) respectively. In balance, that should be the other way around. Same thing for the spirit and emotional positions, where I got blooms (cups) and stones (wands) respectively.

2. The Mental – What are your mental conditions/concerns?
SIX OF BONES – I love this creepy ass deck. The hand has six fingers, and the extra index finger looks slightly bent out of shape. It could go two ways, it’s either there’s unnecessary excess of thoughts in my mental space or there’s something extra there to be found that may actually be of use. I need to figure out if those extra thoughts/ideas are depleting or enriching me. Bones is an earth suit, so perhaps I’m overthinking a material concern?

3. The Emotional – What are your emotional conditions/concerns?
ACE OF STONES – Excitement over a new idea or avenue for creativity? Actually what I’m getting from this is that I’ve not allowed myself to be excited enough. New can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Something to keep in mind.

4. The Material – What are your material/practical conditions/concerns?
THREE OF PLUMES – That heart is in trouble, beset on all sides. Plumes are this deck’s sword suit, so there’s a mental aspect to these issues. An inability to see a way out of material obstacles. I’m being asked to re-examine this, perhaps with a different perspective and a re-evaluation of my resources.

5. The Spirit – What are your spiritual conditions/concerns?
FIVE OF BLOOMS – 5 dead tree stumps. There’s nothing sweet left to be found in this blooms card. Tree stumps not only imply the death of a tree, but the loss of most of the tree as well. I need a reconnection between heart and spirit space, rather desperately it seems, in order to replenish myself.

Really cool spread result. I’m also really happy about how well The Wooden Tarot is reading for me now. Cracking through even the bones suit which I’ve always thought was underdeveloped. Suppose it was just forcing me to look closer, as is this deck’s personality.