wpid-20150729_234641-1-1.jpg1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
27. PELICAN – First look at this card gives me ancient, reflective, vibes. Very heavy on the water element, but the bird (and its human avatar) is on the pebbled bank not in the water, instead looking into the water as a feather floats by. Above it, tree branches that look like a gnarled spider web sort of loom above. The lovely LWB matches this reflexivity going on here saying “I am Pelican, the bridge of the head and the heart. I am careful observation… Stay focused but do not lose sight of the bigger picture.” This indicates that this will be a good deck for when I need to widen my sightline, look deeper and see expand my vision. Which is particularly cool because all the coordinating crystals I laid out for this interview are all third eye and crown related – selenite, howlite, and moonstone.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
33. Starling – The image here is a mostly human partly bird mix, looks a bit young, not quite childlike but not adult either. They feel on the cusp of something, about to transform or transition. Arms open and the starlings seeming to come from their feathers. From the LWB, “I am your ability to bring others together in meaningful ways. It is time to express. It is time to blend yourself into the bigger picture. Being group minded doesn’t mean giving up personal power, but rather allowing that power to shine brighter.” Echoing its characteristics card, this deck will speak to me about about broadening visions, being open to all my resources, as well as looking to myself as a resource.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
39. WREN – There’s a lot happening in this image! It’s very earthy. Almost as if matters of tangibility or practicality are a hard thing to parse for this deck. Which, yeah sort of fits a bird oracle deck.

4. What are you here to teach me?
10. EAGLE – Okay, so on one hand, I’m side-eyeing the eagle being associated with an Indigenous person, and on one hand I’m just glad to see the deck include brown faces. Of which there are a few, a bit token, but better than nothing- which isn’t too great. I’ll explore that in the deck review later, I should focus on this card. Earth into air is present here. I see faces in the stone. So yes, a bit stereotypically, associations with ancestors: spirit, people, memory, knowledge. The LWB adds, “I am Eagle, the thread that binds you to spirit… I am your ascension made manifest… I am your signal to climb higher, push harder, and then let go.” The deck encourages connection with higher manifestations. It’s really going for this ephemeral, rise higher energy, I see.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
36. TURKEY – The sacrifice bird. Oh boy. LWB says, “I am Turkey, the giveaway bird… I am the path of service and humility. I relinquish the ego.” Well, that couldn’t have been clearer!

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
4. CHICKADEE – Air element, all day so it’s likely a mental card. The face in the image is watchful, seeing from above all that is below. Omnipotent. LWB says, “I am… the discernment of right action. I am pure thought and fearless truth.” I’d sort this cad in the swords suit of the tarot, I think. Echoing back to the first two cards, broadness of vision, expanded perspectives are favorable outcomes as I work deeper with this deck.

I really like this deck so far. It’ll be a good one for when I need a shift to a broader perspective, a deeper understanding of things. It probably won’t be too great for a daily oracle. Something like The Earth Magic Oracle (which I had and sort of liked but I didn’t keep it) I’m still looking for one like that- an oracle deck I can pull from everyday.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!