drylake001Aquarius, The Water Bearer offers its libations to humanity as a source of healing, clearing and renewing. 

The full moon occurs on the same day that Venus, the planet that governs intimacy, connection, relationships, culture and creativity, moves back into Leo. Venus stationed retrograde in Virgo on July 25th, but will spend the remainder of her retrograde time in Leo…As #SayHerName becomes more widespread we see very obvious manifestations of a Venus retrograde, as Venus can rule femme/trans-feminine/female-identified folks. These losses are occurring at a critical moment and have helped to spark national debate, national rage and have furthered the powerful organizing of grass roots movements like Black Lives Matter, a movement founded by queer black women.Sandra Bland’s untimely death illustrates a long standing truth about how state-sanctioned violence also applies to women, specifically black women, transgender and trans feminine alike… Her story is intricately tied to this retrograde cycle. Hers is not an isolated loss, this year alone 11 trans women have been murdered. This is an astronomically high number. Last year 12 trans women were killed. It’s only July.

A full moon in Aquarius asks us what our vision is for humanity and how we will move forward as a group towards it… Venus retrograde asks us how and why we might be disconnected to another’s experience and how we can reconnect to our humanity through working on our ability to be in partnership with all life. A gaggle of planets (including Venus retrograde) in Leo asks us how we can use art and self-expression to resist, recover, heal and to refuse being silenced. It also reminds us that while perspective is grand, we must always remain true to our hearts and we have every right to be enraged about injustice. May this full moon in Aquarius inspire us all to think collectively and act from a place that is not afraid to demonstrate a fierce and courageous love.

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