I read this after I wrote my post on New Moon and returning to self and laughed quietly with the universe.

All of this relating, balancing, harmonizing and initiating partnerships makes life dependent on others to a large extent. Quite often Libras get whipped up in a frenzy over what appear to be insignificant decisions for fear of tipping the scales and having everything out of whack.

These fears may seem unfounded, ridiculous and even outrageous to anyone who isn’t in your shoes. But they don’t know. Having the weight of everyone else’s happiness on your shoulders is no small task.

Friday’s new moon emphasizes your tendencies to get out of whack due to the needs of others but it also presents you with solutions to the problem. Getting to the heart of what you fear and why is the most powerful thing that you could start this month. What is the worst thing that could happen if you upset some one or some group by saying yes, no or stating your truth? Does their opinion of you mean more than your own? Do you downplay your needs in order to be accepted by the group?

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