It’s been a while!

It’s been a mixture of recharge, depletion, and the slow but sure crawl back to centering myself in my work.

A quick three card spread. Asked rather broadly, checking in to where I need to be. It’s also not necessarily in past, present, future or anything like that. I allowed the story to form as it wanted to.


  1. 9 of Stones (Wands) – This immediately read like multi-directional growth, a birth of new ideas and opportunities in multiple avenues. A very non-traditional reading of this particular card. Of course, mixed with the Tower below it realigns with its traditional meaning, indicating a challenge/change to push through to emerge on the other side.
  2. 6 of Bones (Pentacles) – An extra finger for this macabre hand, in keeping with the 9 of Stones I read this as an abundance of resources opening up to me if I should only reach out and touch.
  3. The Tower – Here’s a warning, not so dire though. Abundance of options means abundance of choice. I shouldn’t marry myself to one of these opportunities or resources but should remain flexible in case of sudden change. Should that change come I should also not forget to look to the abundance in favor of worrying the loss.
    [Sidenote: for such stunningly rendered art, the drawing lightning in this card is just sad or maybe it means something I haven’t grasped *shrug*]

Bonus picture of my new bb familiar observing my work.