Doing some research for myself, and figured why not make a note of it and share. These are good stones to have on your person as you teach or if possible set a piece on your desk or bookshelf in your office or classroom. You’ll find it no surprise that all these stones either work with heart or throat space.

Probably the most obvious crystal I could pick out. I wouldn’t select it for my own use as I invoke its use for self-love and working gently with myself, but this is the ultimate stone of love, nurturing, and compassion. Activate your heart space gently with this beautiful stone.



One of my favorite stones to work with- I use often for tarot. It’s properties are more commonly used in offices and schools though as it is good for promoting focus and getting in touch with your inner discernment and wisdom. A great stone to keep in your space.

Open up communication with blue calcite. A great stone to help you find the right words, as is so often necessary in the daily life of an educator. It also calms spastic energies and anxieties around speaking and communicating, for example when you’re about to make a speech.


I was recently introduced to this stone by my sister. A beautiful green stone she recommended for opening up to new opportunities and new spaces. It also works to help you keep focus and settle the chatter in your mind, improving concentration, great for educational tasks.


An excellent stone to merge and enhance your sense of will and sharpness of mind. Opens your mind and helps when you seek out clarity of purpose. The gold version is very common and works well but try blue tiger eye for an extra kick.