As a daughter of the diaspora, it is essential that I conjure with my immediate means. A reminder of my primary instinct, to use what you got, not what you think you need. If a recipe calls for specific ingredients, and you do not have…make use of “what you got”. No need to look outside yourself, it is all provided.

This past full moon, I prepared my own Bay Rum. Using ingredients found in my spice cabinet. Using 7 ingredients, I prepared a personal concoction to be illuminated under the fullness of the moon. I will let this ferment, mix and make its magic to not be touched again until the new moon. As a black witch, I play with the moon, I love with the moon, I honor its rhythm and its beats. As I grew into my power, I realize that I am enough. I realize that my community is deeper than my fears, and I open wildly into remembering that I am free.