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Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind


Last month in Detroit I had the honor and pleasure of co-facilitating a workshop with Sangodare (aka Julia Roxanne Wallace) and Alexis De Veaux called “Queer Blood Relations: The Thickness of Witness” a tthe historic Fire and Ink IV celebration.  During the course of our workshop the 20 participants

*found the ways that we were related to each other in the room

*learned the song “Mojuba” in the context of Sangodare’s explication of a bapticostal, queer visionary, Yoruba Ifa-Orisha spiritual calling

*witnessed Alexis De Veaux’s family tree of literary precedents that made her book YABO possible

*engaged my black feminist breathing collages as examples of creating visual sacred space for our work in the context of our literary ancestors

*and created Mojuba prayers to honor the lineage of their own creativity as black queer literary geniuses which they are now using to create sacred space every time they write.


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