wpid-img_20151110_224302.jpgIt’s been a while, and boy do my cards know it. They’re having feelings about it.

For this reading, I didn’t ask specific questions, just opened up to receive messages from my warriors and ancestors.

I drew, Falcon, Rooster, and then Hawk.

Not a single one of these cards was possessed of any chill. 39 cards and I got all the ones that deal with transformation and moving forward.

    • “I am Falcon, the swiftness of change…I am the hunter. Faster than anyone, I harness the power of quick action… so waste no opportunity… You have made great strides already but I am here to take you further. I have given you the visions you asked for, but you have yet to take flight… find you target and take uncompromising aim. I am the arrow that hits the mark.”
    • Question I’ve been asking myself, “How does one shoot an arrow in a hurricane?” Working closely with Oya and Ochosi, I may have fooled myself into thinking I had it figured out when really I’d just scratched the tip of the surface. There is so much I have yet to birth, and I need to remember to keep it pushing.
  2. ROOSTER [reversed]
    • “I am Rooster… I am vitality… I am the eternal matrix of fertility… I am the time to act and the need to use force in creation… I am the force that shapes the created. I will guide it. I will give it life… Now is not the time to tend to worn out things, but to light the fire of new life. While you can acknowledge those times of stillness and acceptance, I assure you this is not that time… Unleash potential and start making things happen. I will give you the new dawn you seek.”
    • Can’t say there’s much else to add. More and more about doing more, creating more, releasing the fear. Woo, I hear you spirit!
  3. HAWK
    • “I am Hawk… I am advantage and strategy, and will always come prepared…If I am circling overhead it is because you are not yet aligned with your future. Your path is off balance, your motivations uncentered, and your higher mind misaligned. To be a visionary takes more than just seeing the path ahead…Does your current way of doing things support what you seek to accomplish? If not, change course and create a new path. I encourage you to take a look at what drives you.”
    • Like I said, no chill.

If I read Hawk and Rooster as supporting Falcon, it’s clear that there is so much I have yet to do. Moreover, that I’m supported in doing it, fulfilling that work. Hesitation is unnecessary and the stage is set.  My Ori awaits.

Giving thanks, Ase!