At the bottom of the ocean you find treasure, wreckage, bones, ancestors, and so much more that is unknown. At the bottom of the ocean, you find Olokun.

Learning about Olokun from a Bajau diver… watching how he moves, what he does to prepare, he says- “I don’t dive until I’m completely relaxed…” How he first greets the water, learns the feel of it on his face, tastes it, a greeting to who I would call Yemaya, for you cannot know Olokun without first passing through, swimming through Yemaya, mother of fishes.

When he finds his peace, his absolute focus, he dives…it looks effortless, though we can only imagine what it takes. What level of peace, what level of calm, enlightenment and openness must I dive into this treasure with. Thinking about the power it takes to maintain the weight of knowledge and wisdom to keep you under water… it’s grace and power in perfect balance… a knowledge of self and peace with skill… and the faith that what you seek you will find at the bottom of the ocean…Moreover, how to be afraid of the dark- and I mean the dark, so deep into the water that light is unseen- look how the bottom of the ocean adapts- and swim through, maintain the calm, hold that breath, that determination, that magic till you find what you seek and ask of the abyss.

Maferefun Olokun!