As much as I love doing this series, looking for tarot and oracle decks that feature Queer and/or People of Color, it can be somewhat depressing to realize that as much as there is improvement in who is featured in tarot decks, it’s usually “or” more than “and”- that is the deck is either queer or it features people of color, rarely both. As such, I get overexcited and my budget overextended when I find one that does both: enter The Next World Tarot.

The Next World Tarot  features a truly diverse range of bodies- young, old, queer, trans, poc, disabled, gender non-conforming- in a ” visual spectacle of both the battle cry and the reconnection, between outcasts and their criminalized identities.” The artist, Cristy C. Road, calls her forthcoming deck, a “post-apocalyptic reclamation of magic” and tarot. It is not a pretty deck- or rather, it is not just a pretty deck. It’s full of gnarled figures and distorted images of dystopia- which for me feels not just like a world that is coming, but one that is already here and being lived in- at least for queer people of color.


What I do love about it, is that it’s not just images of despair, our lives though often difficult are full of love, joy, sweetness, and desire. It’s also about finding all of that within our daily-lived dystopic realities… which yes, sometimes means reaching for fantasy and imagination, and really it’s all about the ways we reach for hope, persevering through all the world throws in our faces and on our backs, carving space out for our bodies and spirits.


Unfortunately, this deck is not here yet. Though you can help with that by donating to the Kickstarter over here (pre-orders are available too!) and perhaps snagging a deck before they sell out- which they will. You can also support the artist here, and snag a print of Cristy Road’s art (some of the prints from the deck are available, I saw The Sun and immediately got her for myself).