First reading with this deck, and it’s pretty in line with everything I learned about it in the deck interview. I’ve had a series of occurences and happenings this week that have basically felt like the universe saying, fuck the world, stay home and chill. Unfortunately little things like, work and school don’t really listen to all of that self-care stuff.

To which the universe responded with, how about a severe cold to lay you out?

Did that not work? How about you lock your keys in your car?

You still feeling up and about? How about you leave your wallet at home so all errands suddenly become irrelevant and mildly criminal  a la driving with no ID?

You still acting brand new, huh? How about I set an important appointment that requires you to wait through a couple of other things that you wanted to do?

You still wanna go? Your appointment fell through, but it may happen tomorrow, maybe… how about you have to stay home and wait to find out?

Needless to say I’m staying in bed this weekend, and all food will be delivered to me.

Especially when the reading comes through like this.


[[You have too much going on mentally, that’s probably where your headache is coming from, you can’t see where your going like this. Breathe, open your eyes and trust your intuition. Look at the whole perspective, feel supported when that gut-deep knowledge comes. That’s when you’ll move in the energy of wisdom again.]]