Today, those of us in the north experience the shortest day and the longest night of the year, marking our Winter Solstice. It is a time of shoring up, batting down the hatches, and hiding away to wait for spring. We spend more time indoors, inward, in our deepest circles. As such,  it marks the prime time for shadow work, on a scale greater than that which we do on a new moon.

Here’s a spread I created for just such work. Something to introduce me to what those energies might be, and a spread I can build on as the winter proceeds.


Consider pulling from the Major Arcana for the first position, and let the Minors give you the rest of the cards.

Think about what kind of potential energy you’re gathering, what will you slowly tend to inside before the spring comes, what deep wisdom waits inside for you to discover. For those who know him, what does Olokun call you to pay deep attention to? What lies darkly hidden in the depths of your ocean, buried underneath the sand of the ocean floor?