So you want to cut and clear, and you immediately reach for a lemon. Which is fine, it’ll probably do you just fine… except it’s the middle of December and perhaps while the lemon does what you’d like it to help with, there might have been an alternative. Perhaps even a plant spirit whose peak season isn’t summer (some lemon varieties produce fruit all year long, but think of the lemon’s energetics)!

In many indigenous traditions, herbs are often used according to their seasons. Which makes sense, if you want to be at full magnitude, invoke energy at its full magnitude. Now drying and essential oil extraction has made it so that we will always have access, but if you prefer to work a particular intention with fresh plants, consider the season- even if you are working with dried plant parts, consider the season as well, observe any changes to the result or feel of the work.

So you want to cut and clear in the winter?

How about trying a refreshing and clearing evergreen instead, like pine, balsam fir, or cypress.


Also never forget rosemary (ha! magic pun)… often ignored when folks list evergreens, but this is a power packed herb that’s charged up all year round.