Oh I’m sure you’ve seen this deck making the indie tarot rounds. It’s a pretty cool concept. Victorian age inspired mixed media tarot deck. Who wouldn’t be intrigued?

My first look-see around google didn’t do much for me except deplete me of intrigue. Frankly, the deck was very white and very cis and very heteronormative- aka 90% of what’s out there right now, even in the indie domain. However, it showed up again and after some nudging I took a look back and went to the deck’s Kickstarter page (it’s doing pretty well).

The artist made a point of noting that they were made aware of the lack of diversity, which I appreciated.

 In response to feedback, ‘The Stretch Tarot’ evolved into a diverse deck, working to including people of colour and remove the traditional boundaries of gender, specifically in the court cards. Despite their ‘vintage’ appearance, the cards are designed to combine the old and new in a way that reflects the modern reader and our current world. The tarot has endured for centuries due to its ability to adapt to circumstance and context; ‘The Stretch Tarot’ is no exception to this.

The good thing about it is, they listened! Now just how much they listened, I’m not sure. The video for the Kickstarter is not encouraging, but it may be from the older version. Here are some of the new cards that were added, depicting queer and poc folx. I sincerely hope these aren’t the only ones, because these are lovely.