Continuing off of the discussion of working plant magic according to the season, I posit Mistletoe as one of this season’s premier protections.

It’s not the holidays without a mention of mistletoe in these parts. Oft invoked as a plant of love, hung (and honestly sometimes it’s holly not mistletoe that is hung) in doorways and from ceilings to catch two people in a kiss. Odd, considering it is toxic!

Mistletoe has other uses than trapping…err catching love. Mistletoe is an extremely protective plant. It’s often used for protection in houses, which is some of where its hanging comes from, to ward against evil energies and that which contains them- for example, hung in external doorways to protect against thieves, bedroom doors and window frames to protect against bad dreams, etc. It also conducts energy wonderfully, its stems and twigs often used for making wands and brooms. Perhaps as an alternative to your usual protective herbs, consider mistletoe for protection. Do be careful with it however, it does have toxic properties (have you noticed that most protective herbs and other plants are often repellent or somehow toxic?)

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