A staple of winter aromatics, Cedar is a gorgeous evergreen conifer. It has at times been referred to as a Tree of Life- you’ll find it mentioned in everything from Druid to Judaic tradition. As mentioned, it is most often used as an aromatic, burned as incense. This is not one to take internally, as variants of cedar ingested have been known to cause death by internal bleeding. Medicinally it’s often used as an ointment and its oils in aromatherapy.

In incense, it is burned for clearing and protection, its magic often invoked in healing circles and ritual. Cedar is also used for purification and protection when divining or dreaming. If you’d rather not burn anything in your space, beat the sprigs of cedar on your walls calling out loud with your intention. Cedar also works to bring balance and focus, its energy bringing about both grounding and elevation.

Winter Herb Magic Series:
1, Mistletoe
2, Holly

white cedar; image by frenchhillpond.org


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