I promise I don’t just focus on forthcoming decks but just one more Tarot of the QTPOC forthcoming deck and I promise the next one will be a current deck you can get immediately.

But first…

(F0r) many people of color – we internalize the idea that we are not considered people worthy of space in our own minds. The people in my life deserve to find themselves considered in the fanciful parts of my imagination – in a perfect world, my loved ones are there, and that means there should be gender variance, there should be a lot of people of color, and depictions of love and attraction should, by its nature, encompass queer affection. (xxx)

Artist Trung Nguyen gets it! I mean gets it! There’s this misconception that QTPOCs don’t belong or aren’t found in the word of tarot, paganism, earth-based faiths, new age practices, old age practices, all of that.

The reality is that we just aren’t VISIBLE.

all art credit to Trung Nguyen

It is not a little thing to find a deck that has people in it that look like me. We deserve to have as much representation as everyone else gets- decks that give us the option of dark, artsy, historical, deep, fun, light, pretty, magical, modern, exciting, and all the other adjectives everyone else gets to choose from!

One way to ensure that, support the decks that do this work when they do get published, and the artists! Follow Trung Nguyen’s work on Patreon and Tumblr.

On a less social justice note, SAILOR MOON REFERENCE, I’m sold!