To all who celebrate, Happy Imbolc!

A beautiful post on Imbolc’s histories and suggestions for ritual by Earth Pathways Diary:

This festival celebrates the reawakening Earth and the potential of manifestation inherent at this time. The Cross Quarter festivals are an opportunity for us to use the developing energy of a new season. Here it is important that we remember to use our intuitive unconscious energy, the inner wisdom we have gained during the winter months, and bring it out with us into the active phase of the year. It is this union of the two aspects of ourselves which is the power and magical alchemy of Imbolc, bringing fertility and manifestation. Candles are lit at this time to represent the return of the light as the Sun’s energy begins to increase…

Imbolc is the time for initiation and healing, for reclaiming what has been forgotten. It is a time for invocation of the life-force and working with the dynamics of its potency. Our intuitive flashes and sparks of inspiration are needed more than ever to complement the active rational approach which dominates our western life-style. The returning active phase of the solar year brings with it an opportunity to use our inner Fire, to unite our dynamic inner power with the fertile edge of the new year’s cycle.