The work being done in my body right now is in my sacral and root space. So I thought I’d check in with the foundation.

What is the story of my root space?


The story isn’t necessary a linear one of past, present, and future. Rather these are the energies that enter and have entered and may yet enter this space.

Queen of Cups (Upright)

My intuition comes from my root. To ignore it is to tip the cup over and be left empty. Mother ancestors surround and inhabit this space. To disrespect it to is to disrespect them. These are my strengths, though when shaded can easily become points of weakness.

XV The Devil (Upright)

My root is also where susceptibility to manipulation, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, entrapment and addiction comes from. Which makes sense; when I’m imbalanced at my very foundations, doing what is for my highest good is much harder. Self-sabotage is an all too regular reality to be managed.

Seven of Swords (Reversed)

Indecision and the tendency to withdraw from community is held here as well. In reverse it also feels like here lies the capacity to overcome all these shadows. In my root space is also the story of the times where I’ve moved forward and upwards from the darkness. To hold both the light and the shadow is a gift and a curse. At least it does grant experience and knowledge.