I came home from work, sat by my cards, and turned over the card that called me.


My birth card in reverse.

I’ve learned to observe this as a heads up from the universe that I need to slow down and realign. Or I’m going to get slowed down and realigned.

Pay close attention when your birth card shows up. Often there’s a very particular message to be acknowledged.

I’m not kidding, last time my birth card showed up in reverse it was in a reading warning me I was overextended. Stubborn as can be, I changed nothing about my energy expenditure. I was in hospital the next week and laid up in sickbed for two more.

Of course, it will not always be so dire, but in reverse it is a strong heads up to examine the parts of your life your reading referenced!

Upright, your birth card, depending on the reading’s context, calls attention to an aspect of yourself to pay attention to, maybe even a potential victory.