It’s taken me a while to get to this reading that was actually pulled during the New Moon. The New Moon in Pisces that was also caught up in eclipse and thunderstorm energy in my neck of the world. If I hadn’t been working tarot with a co-healer sister, I’d have fallen on my apartment floor and not lifted my head for the rest of the night. I felt the night left me bare, open, raw, and exposed.

So when I pulled these cards, my very first instinct was to run away and never return. I wonder, do roman numerals have some numerology theory associated with them? All the cards I pulled from The Wooden Tarot was a VI/IV variation. Gotta research that.


However, as I settled with the reading, and asked for help, I realized that I was being comforted. Even as I felt like the birds in the bottom two cards, in controlled and free fall all at once, someone was waiting to catch me. As I breathed in and out and reconsidered, the Six of Bones became less threatening and more like an ancestor’s hand reaching out to break my fall, or perhaps even guide it. I was being asked to remember the value of surrender and trust, of closing my eyes and looking inward for peace even as chaos rules my outward.