I’m so excited to get into this deck, and first, a look at my birth cards.

my birth cards: The Emperor (The Glow Cloud); Death (The Tiny City)

This being a fandom inspired deck, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the interview, but I was highly intrigued.


1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
SIX OF PENTACLES – Immediately jumped out and asked to be laid down. These bunnies look like sheep. These sheep look like bunnies. Traditionally, Six of Pentacles is about giving and receiving, where the giver and receiver depends on the circumstances the spread was pulled in. As with the Night Vale ‘verse, this deck is all about perception, what I choose to see in the spread. It’s not particularly interested in defining it for me, I’m asked to trust my insight to see what is and what isn’t applicable to me. This makes sense for a non-traditional tarot deck.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
JUSTICE – The episodes this was based on are “A Story About You” and “The Dark Planet By No Sun”. Certainly not standard tarot. However I can still feel it out and draw in the standard meaning. It’s about truth of self, truth of character- or rather the seeking of. This deck tells me it’s good for searching out the truth of a situation or circumstance at a particular point and time, and it also warns I may not always be okay with what I find out. Fair enough.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
FOUR OF PENTACLES – More pentacles! A surprisingly rooted deck for a fantasy based world. Four of pentacles is about being rigid with resources, which fits with the slowly rotting oranges hanging from this tree. Perhaps they’ve been on the vine too long? This is not a deck that dwells, or knows how to do so well. It’s not for long term questions, and it works with the energy of the moment. Good to know.

4. What are you here to teach me?
FOUR OF WANDS – Huh. So Four of Wands is about celebration and fun, usually with someone else. However in this card, the figure seems to be reveling, yes, but not with others, but in themselves. Their witness is the energy they themselves create. I like this; I’m asked to have fun with this deck, and enjoy what I read from it, or perhaps how I connect to the deck and read from it.

5. How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
FIVE OF PENTACLES – Almost sequential pentacles despite the fact that I shuffled this deck to within an inch of its life to start with. Also, Five of Pentacles is about loss, defeat, insecurity. Hmm. Perhaps that is the message, lose whatever insecurities I may hold about not being able to connect traditional and this art all the time. Let it go. The two ghostly figures in the rather warm looking building, that is oddly an ice cream shop, have each other. Feel supported by this deck and its unwieldy energy.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
TEN OF CUPS – Contentment with practicing insight borne out of bounds of rote, history, and tradition. We’ll work well each other.

“Silence is golden. Words are vibrations. Thoughts are magic. Welcome to Night Vale.”

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