Alexis Pauline Gumbs is genius, in the spirit of her foremother June Jordan- but y’all already should have been knew that.

What We Believe:
Love Made Manifest

Distilled from June Jordan’s “The Creative Spirit and Children’s Literature”
Love is lifeforce.

Love is all that supports life.

We run on love.

The creative spirit of the universe exists in each of us and is infinitely greater than any one of us.

The creative spirit is as much as process depending on our receptivity as it is a process depending on our willful conjuring up.

Other lives look to us for usable clues to the positive excitement of just being alive.

Within us there is an orderliness, a perpetual inclination to grow, to become manifest from an invisible beginning.

We are about the task of survival for ourselves and for those who may carry what we offer to them into their own lives.

Love is a serious and tender concern to respect the nature and the spontaneous purpose of other things and people.

Love will manifest a peaceable order among us such that fear, conflict, competition, waste and environmental sacrifice will have no place.

We have to make love powerful.

Love is lifeforce.

We run on love.