Celebratory article on one of my favorite topics, Queer Southern Black Witch histories.

“The hoodoo religion involved spirit possession, sacred music, ancestor reverence, water immersion, herbal medicine, sacred music, circle dancing, and shaman priests who functioned in a variety of roles, including that of leader in religious activity such as role model in the sacred ritual of the Ring Shout, “ says writer Katrina Hazzard-Donald. “Because certain practices found in early Hoodoo successfully found their way into the African American church, post-emancipation Hoodoo tradition is not completely separate from Black Christian church tradition, but rather it is entwined with it, either as a complement or a challenge to church power. This is especially true for the Spiritutalist, Sanctified, and Baptist churches where old tradition black belt Hoodoo ritual is often a complement to sacred church activity.”

Black queers in particular who are disenchanted with the colonial aspects of particular tenets of Christianity report to find healing and power in Hoodoo healing spaces.