I’ve been thinking about this spread ever since I saw it used on Seven Card Spread who got it from The Tarot Parlor. It’s a customizable spread that gives an overview of what your week might look like.


A reading rife with Mars in retrograde energy. A time to examine what is already established, what needs shoring up and reevaluating. Not particularly a time to start new projects, but a time to look at current ones and ensure that all is as it should be. My Godmother’s constant warnings to pay attention to wars- or rather that I ensure to be out of wars as much as possible comes to mind. This is a time to draw on cool energy while everything around us burns. The highest vibrations of the orisha Ogun are all but required here- careful planning, grounded movement, and surgical strikes.

Card #1Theme/Focus of the Week:
TWO OF PENTACLES [reversed] – Imbalance! My goal this week is to pay attention to the places of imbalance- mine are usually work and spiritual (which shows up later in this spread) and work to draw those closer towards balance.

Card #2 – Challenges That May Come Up This Week:
THREE OF CUPS – The three of cups signals towards connections, community, relationships. In light it’s often about joining together, forging and celebrating those connections. In this position, not quite shadow not quite light, I feel it drawing me away from community. Not so much that I am isolated, but more that I observe. If I’m called to initiate balance, I must then carefully examine the ways in which I connect, what community means to me- how I move in those spaces.

Card #3 – Advice to Overcome These Challenges:
ACE OF CUPS – Usually about new beginnings, but I’m feeling that this is about intuition. Relearning how to trust my intuition. I’m doing a lot of solar plexus, sacral, and root healing work and part of that is all about how I trust myself anew and move more confidently. Again this requires that I understand my limitations, self-imposed or otherwise- in order to shore up my strengths. I also do not do this work by myself, there is something or someone to reach to, to forge or reforge a fresh connection to in order to have the help I need.

Card #4 – Work:
1O OF WANDS [reversed] – Long and short of this is that I need to continue to reduce the energy I’m expending at work. It’s a work in progress but it’s slowly starting to happen. Obviously it needs to happen with greater magnitude.

Card #5 – Spiritual:
KNIGHT OF SWORDS [reversed] – When knights come up in tarot, the question around them is often one of balance. Knights are emblematic of their suits’ extremes asking us to pay attention to what aspect of the suit is being overused or underused. In this case I take this as a signal to stop approaching the spiritual head first. The knight rushes in to slay the dragon with no heed to whether there’s even a chance that he’ll win. There’s something in my spiritual life that I’m approaching head first instead of intuition first and it’s crowding out any useful perspective.

Card #6 – Emotional:
SIX OF SWORDS – I haven’t quite settled on this card yet. In the RWS tradition, it is often about a journey, setting off toward something new as a point of recovery, renewal. It feels like something I need to rethink, guided by whatever or whoever is to help me, that useful new perspective I require to move forward. A journey into the water, to put down the swords and move toward the intuitive.

Card #7How do I best care for myself in a way that promotes balance?:
SEVEN OF SWORDS – Sequential, and whoopee more swords -_-. A story of self-sabotage winds its way through this spread. It mirrors the Seven of Cups I received from the Mary-El before it left me. Taking honest looks at what causes me to freeze in the middle of moving forward, building up.

Jumper Card:
PAGE OF SWORDS – The page comes with the message and the innocence of its suit. A challenge comes forward but in this case, mastery will not win the day. Rather, honesty, true and deep, and approaching my circumstances with fairness and understanding is required. This page is not as softly stanced as in other decks, he is poised to move, to defend to cut down. However, after all the warnings I’ve gotten, I’m getting a very firm ‘don’t start none won’t be none’ vibe.

This reading obviously got a bit involved so I asked for a bit more guidance so I could sleep a little easier tonight.

I asked my Earthbound Oracle:


Which didn’t help much with the comforting though it did clarify, as it always does.

One more with the Eternal Crystal Oracle:


A signal to take a look at my resource output. Work is obviously going to be of concern, but even deeper is understanding where my energy is expended.

Now what?

Well now, I’m going to sleep.