Siobhan of Siobhan’s Mirror has an awesome post up regarding The Emperor as the “protector of creative rebellion” (right?!) and it is magical and lyrical as is her way. As is the version of the Tarot de Marseilles referenced.

Lately I’ve seen the Emperor as the keeper of creative rebellion. Creativity is not always welcome in the practical particle world. Well-meaning people teach us to focus on the hierarchy and to fit. They teach us that it’s dangerous to do otherwise. They want to protect us. They may well be right. And so it becomes necessary to crusade for creative spaces. For vulnerability and connection. To wear our worldviews like so much armor and to grasp what keeps them safe – time, space, sense of self worth – and wield these things for ourselves instead of the world of our forebearers. We must be ready to transform: particles when we need to protect the gentler parts of ourselves, the parts that prioritize vulnerability and connection; waves when we need to dissolve into transpersonal limitless potential.

How did she get to this vision? Read the full post at Little Red Tarot!