It’s officially my first day of vacation and I was feeling a bit bowled over- likely suffering an energy hangover from going full force all year. I needed a bit of direction as well as a push.

Moving from my very comfortable spot on the couch surrounded by my very cuddly, very warm, very sleepy cats to get up and grab one of my tarot decks was not going to happen.

So I did the next best thing and grabbed my phone and opened my rarely used Chrysalis Tarot app. The Chrysalis Tarot app and I don’t always mesh. I find the deck a bit over-involved and the artwork very busy but in this case, a simple three card spread worked well.

from the Chrysalis Tarot app: The Sun, Page of Wands, and Six of Wands

I used a quick decision spread, from Beth at Autostraddle.

1. Do now – THE SUN – Go outside. Bask a little. It’s okay that I’m not much for moving right now because it is my vacation, for goodness sake. I’m supposed to rest.

2. Ditch this – PAGE OF SPIRALS – Absolutely nothing overwhelming today. Or this summer really. I am under no obligation to do anything I don’t want to, other folks’ expectations be damned.

3. Maybe tomorrow – SIX OF SPIRALS – Work on business stuff tomorrow. Fill orders, book readings, rework site, create new earthwork, all of it can happen later.


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