A little light for my week. I’ve got tarot mail!

First, a swap with a healer is always a gift. I received these adorable fluorite earrings. I’d be looking for something to help with steadying my air energy and I look forward to fluorite doing just that, especially right by my crown as earrings.


Then a few deck impulse purchases. I bought these of Amazon as a form of retail therapy to deal with the upheaval this week has brought. Nothing came in as I expected it to.

I ordered the Motherpeace Tarot but instead of a large-ish package holding the full size round decks, I got the mini size instead. It’s absurdly adorable, and I believe it fits the childlike illustrations on the deck better than the larger size. It’s just that there’s so much detail within the drawings, I wish they art had been just a tad more… grown up? If only for legibility.


Then I ordered the Tarot of the Cat People. Except it turns out I ordered the guidebook and not the actual deck. Well, I look forward to reading the Traveler’s Report, as the author calls it. Maybe it’ll inspire a deck purchase.


Moral of this story? Don’t binge shop under emotional distress.