I was in need of some deep guidance but still feeling a bit tender from the past few days of a low swing. I turned to my very trusted and dear Mythical Goddess Tarot. She’s my very first deck, and even when she’s delivering hard messages I can sit with where she’s coming from.

New Moon in Cancer reading; the Hanged Man Spread with the Mythical Goddess Tarot

I haven’t worked with The Hanged Man Spread since I created it. Even as I made it, I could feel the portent held within it and put it away. Not that the cards have been given me too much space to breathe, but there’s a shelter found in tying the reading to the moon.

The New Moon provides prime time for introspective shadow work, perfect for divination. In the shadow sits the crone, and the memory and wisdom of ancestors should we seek them. An energy that was absolutely present as I cast cards. Moreover, the New Moon offers a promise of growth, a reminder that not even darkness can stand still for long. I clung to this as the outcome of the reading offered up a card I’ve come to know intimately in my time with tarot, 10 of Fire, commonly Wands.

I’ll admit I was shook up. The clarity that I have when reading cards for others isn’t always easily found when I’m reading for myself. I push hard to see through the fog of anxiety brought up by a card that has always marked significant upheaval in my life. Often necessary, I have to admit.

Ten of Wands is a warning: overburdened, overextended, overloaded, self-destructive, the worst extreme of fire. I’m learning to find hope in Ten of Wands though, approaching the card as a contained version of The Tower. There is hope on the other side.

As much as snakes harbinger death and poison, they also signify transformation necessary by shedding parts of yourself that no longer serve you. In fact I’d go so far to say as Ten of Wands is the moment of grace before you meet The Tower. Pay attention when this card shows up, shift energy as necessary as soon as possible. You don’t always have to meet The Tower.

You also don’t have to read with just the one deck per reading

I looked to The Earthbound Oracle first. Another card that is following me around is this deck’s Voice card. Naturally, I needed more clarification and I’ve found that the direct approach the Madam Clara Sees All Tarot has is perfect for clarifications when you are heart-sore and pained from looking deeper. It isn’t that Clara is shallow, hardly; I’ve found this deck to have the precision of a scalpel. Exactly what was called for to expound on the Ten of Wands warning and offer me a way through.

a series of clarifications with The Earthbound Oracle and Madam Clara Sees All Tarot

Four of Cups asks us to turn away from our despair and look towards hope. I love the way turn of face in the card’s figure would move them to The Wheel and the Five of Pentacles, blended together like a spelled portal. The Sun rises victoriously on the other side.