The Full Moons have been hitting me hard lately. This one in Capricorn is vibing with Cancer in a way that transforms its usual concerns for structure into deeper ones about support. What are your support systems? How do you feel supported? Where do you feel most supported? Paying attention to the shadow of those answers as well, because the reality is that for some of us, support is scarce if available. Be gentle with yourself in this work, this is some of the hardest work, acknowledging what is present and what is missing- who is missing. That being said, check in often. I hope this spread can help with that work.

1. You, upright.
2. You, when in need of support.
3, 4, 5. Support System Inventory.
6, 7. Further guidance.


Position 1+2 work in concert; we are not always independent in all aspects of our lives at all times. Pay attention to the ways these two cards work together and whether they move in balance with each other. Position 3+4+5 are your main check-in, answering who, how, and where as needed in matters of support- often draws attention to what’s lacking, so be ready for those realities as well.  Position 6+7 provide space for any shadow in the cards before to receive light and further guidance.

I can see this spread coming in handy within our various community spaces as well. Check in with your partner, friend, or roommate. Perhaps a community group or work space that needs guidance in how to move forward safely and supportively. You might even cast the cards together.

Sit with this reading a while when you do cast cards for it. Take a picture and come back to the cards again as needed.

my full Moon in Capricorn Support System reading from the Tarot of Trees


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