I’m going to call this the Occasional Oracle. Every once in a while, at random I’m called to pull a card with the sense that while the message may be for me in some part, it is also for another spirit- for someone who, with serendipity’s blessing, will come upon it and perhaps be glad for it. I hope that you receive exactly what you need from it.

Today’s card is Seagull from the Winged Enchantment Oracle deck.


Noisy scavengers disrupting our beatific beach experience, seagulls have learned to survive on scraps even as they do their best to remind us that we are the interlopers.

Seagulls are tenacious, chaotic, loud, and unapologetic. There’s a wisdom of freedom to be learned here.

“You are navigating the chaos.
You are exploring deeper waters.
You are boundless supply.”

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