The Welcome to Night Vale Tarot is definitely the deck to enter Mercury Rx in eclipse season with. It’s weird, it’s funky, and nothing makes sense yet it is exactly what you need to see and listen well to.


We open up with a ‘hey, what’s up hello?’ from the trickster king of Mercury Rx himself, Eshu. In the tradition of Ifa, the orisha Eshu or Ellegua sits at the crossroads, his colors are red and black, and it just so happens that his number is three. One of Eshu’s favorite things to do is play jokes that make you laugh (usually at yourself) and tell you the truth. It rarely ever feels awesome in the moment but when you look back, he is the one behind that slow self-deprecating smile that admits there was a point to it all. Mercury Rx in a nutshell.

This not-quite-mad maestro specializes in being able to hear the harmony in the cacophony. In this iteration in the Three of Wands, a fire burns behind his head (that he probably started) but he’s not looking at it. He’s looking at you. So what’s your plan? How are you gonna adapt?

The sky is falling.

Eight meteors fall to the earth and you’re being asked to drive towards it. Knowledge, treasure, starlight is falling from the sky. Do you see the joke yet? He is already telling it. All those people telling you don’t travel in Mercury Rx, don’t sign contracts, don’t do this and that and hide under a blanket and wait it out. They don’t know what you know.

You’ve learned to swerve.

Which isn’t to say don’t plan or prep. By all means. Plan. Prep. Dream. The two kings show up to remind you to have backups for your backups. Adapt. Grab your oxygen mask, says the King of Swords. Plan B didn’t work out- we won’t even discuss Plan A– now what are you going to do?

Oh and remember, find your solitude. Find your peace. The world outside may feel like chaos but within you, you are free. You have learned to grow flower-breeding thorns, succulents, and vines around your space. It is protected. That is all yours. That is your center.

So plan, prep, and yes, dream.


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