Use this spread to explore the rich depths of your heartspace. I avoided traditional questions for the positions instead giving you an overview of the intention behind each herb’s position. I invite you to either leave the positions as is, or craft your own question for your cards. Let your heart instinct guide the reading of this spread.

two waters tea.png

  1. Sunflower represents you at the moment of casting.
  2. Clove is often used for pain relief and in this position it holds space for your trauma.
  3. Fennel is a sacral and root space worker, as often seeds are, and gives you courage to work in your shadow.
  4. Mint comes after to cool the roiling tightness in your gut that often follows a deep facing of your shadow. It is a reminder to sit kindly with yourself after. Let it help the medicine go down.
  5. Jasmine works dream magic and reminds you to never forget the parts of you that hope.
  6. Cinnamon protects and heats up. It keeps your heart space safe enough for you to dream up what kind of love you want for yourself. Get excited.
  7. Rose seeks out the deep love and helps us keep our hearts open to ourselves. Don’t take rose’s energy lightly, though. It is potent thorn-magic as well and a reminder that an open heart doesn’t have to be left vulnerable to attack.

This Two Waters Tea Spread was inspired by a gorgeous healing blend I was called to mix up this week after building an altar to my love magic. You can learn more about the Two Waters Tea creation here. Below is the spread in draft form being crafted in sight of candlelight and magic.

My Asali Notes community got to preview this spread earlier this month. Stay connected with us here for early views of spreads, tarot talk, rituals, and more honey sweet goodness!

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