I want to come back to my practice of posting tarot readings for myself onto the blog. I needed to step away from posting my readings online for a while so that I could come back to the heart of my tarot practice. It was needed, absolutely necessary, and my return to tarot journaling in private has moved me to a deeper understanding of the cards. I feel ready to come back to my blog in this way- for at least for some of my readings. This particular reading feels like a step forward, and kinda perfect for returning to this medium of journaling.

As for you, my dearest readers, know that the messages in the cards aren’t just for me. I believe in the magic of serendipity. That what we run into, what comes before us was meant to happen. If you feel, see, or hear a message in cards I pulled for myself, please trust that I pulled them for you as well. I trust that connection, and hope you’ll be open to it as well.


Time to face forward.

Resist the urge to walk away and avoid what must be met head on. You may find that you’re only fooling yourself when you ignore the truth of your circumstances. It won’t be easy; it’s okay to be compassionate to yourself through this, but not so much that you convince yourself you don’t have to step up.


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