I’m out of town for work!

A prospect about which I’m half and half about most times. The cons being the work (if it’s boring meetings) and the actual traveling part- I hate driving, flying, really any kind of thing that moves me from place to place over long distances- and the pros being I love the very mini-vacation it offers- a chance to not be at home, spend time in a comped room, and have food delivered, etc. In any case, I always travel with the necessities: change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, and of course tarot (and tea if I’ve been very good and prepped early enough to blend myself some loose leaf for the trip).

I try to look for a new easy to work spread to try out in new spaces and this time I landed on one from Tarot for Business, a general SWOT analysis spread to reflect on my time and energy while I’m here (at least the work part). Just something quick to give me a little guidance and heighten the interest level on a business trip.

reading from The Stretch Tarot, I love the reworking of the 6 of Wands

This reading took me the long way winding round but I choose to be game for the ride and look forward to watching it unfold.

1.Present Situation –  FIVE OF SWORDS
2. Strengths –  THE HIGH PRIESTESS
3. Weaknesses – THE LOVERS
4. Opportunities –  ACE OF CUPS
5. Threats –  PAGE OF SWORDS
6. Further Guidance/Heads Up – SIX OF WANDS

A challenge to be part of the team, perhaps? No need to go for the hard win (perhaps only in the icebreaker giveaways though, lol) especially if it means a colleague might lose face. I also acknowledge that in this position, this card speaks to my anxiety- which has been flaring up lately- and the defeat in question is the self-defeat that often worms its way in. Staying cool and inscrutable, the High Priestess is likely the consummate professional and the energy I go for when at work- that person on the job you know to be competent but know very little else about.

One of the things I’ve always had a hard time with is the expectation of immediate comradery expected at these professional development conferences. As a Black queer woman, I draw a very hard line between personal and professional out of necessity which often seems to rub colleagues the wrong way. However I’ve found this to be the best strategy, as marginalization means that often, any personal information will be used against me in some way. And since I’m probably going to have to put up with some form of misogynoir and/or queerphobia I’d rather not offer up the  ammunition.

There is space being made here for new friendships or at the very least comradery, and that’s absolutely something to look forward to despite the anxiety caused by meeting new folks. There isn’t a call to change too much of my approach- in fact it feels like I’m being asked to stay true to what works as long as it doesn’t lean to isolation. This weekend could lead me to a deeper discovery of self if I allow it, or as the cards beautifully put it- Recognition; not so much by others, but a recognition of self. That feels right.

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