​As I lay me down to sleep after a comfortable and rambling phone conversation with my mother, I reflect on all the folks along my journey who have shaped me and helped me and moved me along, for better or worse, contributed to my growth. I am thankful for the space to be able to look back and see and look forward and know. 

Who were those people for you? How has that shaped your new path? What do you leave and what do you receive from them?

I’m really enjoying how the process of moving is sending me to the tarot- and to the same deck!  It is definitely about the fact that all my other decks are buried deep somewhere but I’m enjoying the time spent with The Stretch Tarot. This deck continues to keep my attention and intuition captured even as I think of the many reasons it shouldn’t- prime among them the overwhelming whiteness of the deck despite the token racial diversity. It’s also just plain aesthetically pleasing and is no hardship to look into and feel out.