If you are particularly sensitive to the turn of the wheel, these past few days might have met you with heightened day dreams, clearer visions and dreams, and lightness of thought that feels like living memory.

(#catparentsidebar – also if you have cats, they’ve been extra cat-weird, stalking the corners and shadows- seen and unseen- of your space even more than usual).

The veil is thin. In many practices and cultures this is the time of ghosts- particularly those whose bones we carry in the physical and mystical, our ancestors. Almost giving us no choice but to tune in is the new moon. New moons are the time of the Crone- who I’ve always associated with my ancestral foremothers who keep wisdom whispering around my ear and root space. This is the time to whisper spells blessed with rosemary, calendula, and elder in divine loving remembrance.

img_20161024_182907Skeleton Key, a meditative tarot tea blend
meeting The Hierophant as ancestral knowledge

That it’s a new moon in Scorpio in the time of Samhain only emphasizes our call to the depths of our ocean floors- down and deep where the treasure and bones of those before though never beyond us are waiting to be unburied. This is the time to unlock the path of The Hierophant- keeper of your bloodline’s knowledge waiting with the skeleton key to your mysteries.


9 was chosen for ancestral connection and Oya who guides our ancestors to their next journey. It is also 3-thrice which makes it a compact spell of pathway and communication with worlds beyond our plane acknowledging that knowledge is a journey through gates of wisdom. The ocean depths image is for Olokun, keeper of mysteries and shadow and guardian of my ancestors bones who found their freedom at the bottom of the ocean.

As you ask these questions, refer them directly to your trusted ancestral guides. All the questions move together, and the ancestors hardly ever move so linearly- so as much as possible, look at the full scope, not just the individual answers to your queries.

1. What do I need to know/remember as I step into my shadow?

2. What should I leave buried in the ocean depths of my shadow?

3. What should I uncover/recover and bring up to the surface?

4. What else should I bring with me to the surface?

5. What obstacle or guidance meets me at the door?

6. How do I best meet it?

7. What ancestral legacy should I be aware of this season?

8. What should I be aware of as I access it?

9. What is potentially unlocked from this work?

Keep in mind that ancestral work is not just meant for Samhain’s season of remembrance. Ancestral knowledge is always accessible to you should you take the time to seek it out and listen. Making it a part of your regular practice will only deepen your connection to your own innate magic- a forecall to your future ancestral self who always guides you– which was theirs and is yours.