Truth is this week’s cause. What can it mean to be true to ourselves, our spirits, our legacies, and our bodies? What can it mean to be true to each other?


So asks The Sojourner, speaker of truths welcome and unwelcome. Our ability to communicate our needs and desires- particularly to each other must be allowed full space. How do we move with more honesty in our relationships? What relationships leave us more likely to minimize, obfuscate, and outright lie? We’ll be asking plenty of hard questions this week in our communication and we are asked to lean into it. Questions are the knock on the truth’s door and we must answer.

The full moon in Gemini will expose the imbalances, fallacies, and untruths and without preparation for that work, we are more prone to be caught up in double speak and two faced manipulations. So do what you know you must, and make space for yourself to meditate on your truth expression- even if it means hiding yourself away for some moments this week.

After the work is done, notice the space created when the stagnant energy of lies, lack, and doubt is moved. Feel out what belongs in that newly cleared space and ensure it fills you.