You are celebrating a new year or a new job or a new season of you- and I’ve got a spread for you!

I created this as I avoided every ‘New Year Spread’ post around the internet- most of them had at least 10 positions and that didn’t feel right for me this time around. So I worked on writing my own spread and I love it best because it’s not just for the new year. This is a spread you can work as you move into any new horizon in your life.



1. What is the prevailing energy of this new season?

2. What energy to clear out?

3. What energy to draw in?

4. Where is the space for growth found?

5. Where is the space for stillness found?

6. What additional wisdom will help guide me?

7. Where can I start today?


Have you done a New Year spread yet? Do you go the full 12+ card throw or are you like me and like to keep it light and malleable? Or maybe you tried this spread for yourself. Drop me a line, I’d love to chat tarot spreads with you!